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Our Mission
Dedicated to strengthening and promoting positive youth and community engagement in support of democratic governance and sustainable development in Liberia.
Our Vision
A Liberian society with strong democratic culture where citizens can freely participate in decisions that affect their lives irrespective of their status.


NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development promotes citizens’ understanding of democratic processes and the long-term benefits of their participation in these processes. Established in 2001 by students’ leaders and activists, the institution has been one of the leading grassroots organizations promoting democracy, peace building, human rights and civic engagement in Liberia.

The institution since 2001 has initiated several programs to foster political accountability, thereby making elected leaders more accessible, responsible and accountable to the electorates, build the capacity of local leaders to be more effective in service delivery, increase youth and women participation in decision making processes, conduct research on citizens’ perception on the working of the lawmaker, produced publications on youth participation in local government, fostering social accountability, a legislative guide to organize town hall meeting, a civic and voter’s education guide amongst others.

Through community organizing and civic engagements the organization is empowering hundreds of community residents and youth leaders to advocate for positive change at the local government levels, resolve conflict peacefully, assure vibrant community based organizations, strengthen partnership between youth leaders and local government leaders, promote disabled and women participation in Liberia’s democratic processes. By educating young people through student debates, canvasing, bus ride, sports, theatre and other participatory activities, NAYMOTE is spreading the lessons of tolerance, accountability and respect to the generations that will define Liberia’s political culture in the coming decades.
The institution is registered as a national non-for profit organization and is member of several national and international organizations including, the National Civil Society Council of Liberia, the Africa Democracy Forum, the World Movement for Democracy, the Bus Federation and the Organizations of Parliamentary Openness, etc.

The institution is manage by highly qualify managers with over 12 years of experience working to promote positive youth and community engagements in support of democratic governance and sustainable development.